Seminar programme

Seminar held at MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38).

A talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student and an invited talk (45+10min) given by an external speaker.


Santanu Dey (TU Dresden)


Johannes Knolle (TU Munich)



Jakub Krawczyk (ILTSR Wroclaw)

Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of the Falicov-Kimball Model within the DMFT Formalism

Klaus Ziegler (University of Augsburg)

Transport and Topological Properties of Random Gap Systems


Huang-Hsiang Lin (TU Dresden)

Current-Induced Rotation and Modelling of Molecular-Scale Gears

Christian Joachim (CEMES - CNRS)

Constructing a Single Molecule-Machinery?


Michael Werther (TU Dresden)

Tuning the Multi Davydov Ansatz for Spin-Bath Problems

Jürgen Stockburger (University of Ulm)

The Spin-Boson System: Ubiquitous Model and Numerical Testbed


Felix Fritzsch (TU Dresden)

Resonance-Assisted Tunneling in Deformed Optical Microdisks

Peter Schlagheck (University of Liège)

Quantum and Semiclassical Dynamics of Interacting Bosons


Konstantin Clauss (TU Dresden)

Resonance Eigenfunctions in Chaotic Systems with Partial Escape

Stéphane Nonnenmacher (Université Paris-sud)

Semiclassical Localization of Eigenmodes and Metastable States


Jacek Matysiak (Polish Academy of Sciences Wroclaw)

Properties of a Multi-band Hubbard Hamiltonian Applied to Small Molecular Magnets

Alessandro Chiesa (University of Parma)

Spin Dynamics of Molecular Nanomagnets


Lisa Ortmann (MPI-PKS)

Intensity and pulse duration dependence of Rydberg states

Nikolay Shvetsov-Shilovski (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Strong-field, ultrafast, and attosecond physics and the semiclassical simulations


Daniele Trapin (MPI PKS)

Constructing effective free energies for dynamical quantum phase transitions in the transverse-field Ising chain

Markus Schmitt (MPI PKS)

Critical phenomena in quantum systems far from


Katja Polotzek (MPI PKS)

Modelling of non-Gaussian stochastic processes with memory

 Michael Ghil (ENS and UCLA)

Advanced Spectral Methods, Nonlinear Dynamics, and the Nile River



Jan Chalabala (UCT, Prague)

Non-adiabatic Dynamics of Tin-Oxo Resists

Françoise Remacle (Liège)

Role of electronic coherences in ultrafast non-equilibrium quantum dynamics in molecules induced by strong short optical pulses


Piotr Witkowski (MPI PKS)

AC flow in electron hydrodynamics

Andrew Mackenzie (MPI CPFS)

Electron hydrodynamics: who cares and why


Martina Rubešová (UCT, Prague)

Photoemission Emission Spectroscopy in Disordered Systems: A Chemist's Approach

Stephan Kümmel (U Bayreuth)

Light harvesting systems and the many-body problem: Insights from first-principles theory

December 13

Talia Lezama (MPI PKS)

Steady-state limit of the one-particle density matrix occupation spectrum of many-body localized states after a global quench

David Luitz (TU Munich)

Many-body localization and thermalization in isolated quantum systems
November 23

Mehrdad Baghery (MPI PKS)

Optimization of complex systems using gaussian processes

Manuel Gomez Rodriguez (Kaiserslautern)

On information reliability, source trustworthiness and fake news

November 2

Francesco Alaimo (TU Dresden)

Curvature controlled defect dynamics in topological active nematics

Amin Doostmohammadi (University of Oxford)

Active nematics in biology



Tobias Fiedlschuster (TU Dresden)

Surface hopping in laser-driven molecular dynamics

Hardy Gross (MPI Halle)

Potential energy surfaces and the molecular Berry phase beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation



Matthias Wagner (TU Dresden)

Approximation of dynamically relevant structures in a set-oriented framework

Peter Koltai (FU Berlin)

Transition manifolds of complex metastable systems: theory and data driven computation of effective dynamics

06 July


Emmanouil Xypakis (MPI PKS)

Effect of disorder geometry on transport properties of three dimensional topological nanowires

Roni Ilan (Tel Aviv University)

Helical, chiral, and neutral: Fermion twists at the surface of topological insulators

31 May

F Rodriguez Hernandez (TUD)

Theoretical description of water splitting on TiO2 and combined Mo2C-graphene based materials

F Keil (Hamburg University of Technology)

Multiscale modelling of reaction, absorption and diffusion in zeolites

19 April

R Hartmann (TUD)

Non-perturbative open quantum system dynamics with sub-ohmic environments -- the hierarchy of pure states (HOPS) approach

M Thorwart (Hamburg)

Quantum coherence in the dynamics
of biomolecular excitons - revisited

16 March

K Patucha (ILTSR)

Strongly interacting bosons in optical lattices in synthetic magnetic fields

A Eckardt (MPI-PKS)

Floquet engineering of atomic quantum gases in optical lattices

4 Jan

K van Kruining (MPI-PKS)

Electron vortex beams in a magnetic field

M Dennis (Univ. Bristol)

Swings and roundabouts: operators and rays for structured Gaussian beams