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Former IMPRS Schools and Workshops

IMPRS Summer School 2018: Villa Lanna, Prague, 27-29 August

The summer school lecture topics and lecturers are:

  • Open Quantum Systems (Michael Thorwart - University of Hamburg)
  • Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics (Anael Ben-Asher - Technion)
  • Nuclear Quantum Effects in Molecular Systems (Ondrej Marsálek - Charles University)
  • Frontiers of Molecular Dynamics (Basile Curchod - University of Durham)
  • Energy Transfer Between Molecules (Tomáš Mancal - Charles University)
  • Machine Learning in Many-Body Physics (Zohar Ringel - Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The lecture slides are available through this link.

Joint IMPRS Workshop: Dresden 3 - 7 April 2017

The workshop is a joint initiative of four International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS):
the IMPRS for Condensed Matter Science (Stuttgart),
the IMPRS for Chemistry and Physics of Quantum Materials (Dresden),
the IMPRS for Quantum Science and Technology (Garching), and
the IMPRS for Many-particle Systems in Structured Environments (Dresden).

The research focus of the four schools has an overlap in the fields of condensed matter and quantum technology. At the same time, the involved research groups approach the fields from different angles and with different emphasis.

The main aim of the workshop is to bring together PhD students of the four research schools. In addition to talks covering various research topics within the theme of the workshop, ample time will be provided for direct interaction between all participants, creating a stimulating environment for discussions.

The program comprises invited talks, as well as several presentations by PhD students and a poster session. Read more.

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