Seminar programme Jan. 2017 -

A Wednesday at 4:30 pm and roughly monthly intervals at MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38).

A pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student, followed by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker.


31 May

F Rodriguez Hernandez (TUD)

Theoretical description of water splitting on TiO2 and combined Mo2C-graphene based materials

F Keil (Hamburg University of Technology)

Multiscale modelling of reaction, absorption and diffusion in zeolites

19 April

R Hartmann (TUD)

Non-perturbative open quantum system dynamics with sub-ohmic environments -- the hierarchy of pure states (HOPS) approach

M Thorwart (Hamburg)

Quantum coherence in the dynamics
of biomolecular excitons - revisited

16 March

K Patucha (ILTSR)

Strongly interacting bosons in optical lattices in synthetic magnetic fields

A Eckardt (MPI-PKS)

Floquet engineering of atomic quantum gases in optical lattices

4 Jan

K van Kruining (MPI-PKS)

Electron vortex beams in a magnetic field

M Dennis (Univ. Bristol)

Swings and roundabouts: operators and rays for structured Gaussian beams