Students of the graduate school

  • Alvear Terrero, Diana
    Cluster formation in nuclear matter and compact stars

    (Prof. A. Sedrakian, University of Wroclaw)
  • Alves Dantas, Renato Miguel
    Hydrodynamics in condensed matter
    (Prof. R Moessner, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Brezina, Krystof
    Structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of proton defects in liquids
    (Prof. O Marsalek, Charles Universtiy, Prague)
  • Chulliparambil, Sreejith
    Microscopic models for strongly coupled phases from conformal field theory
    (Prof. HH Tu, TU Dresden)
  • Colmenarez Gomez, Luis Andrés
    Out-of-equilibrium physics in disordered many-body systems
    (Dr. D Luitz, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Corticelli, Alberto
    Dynamics in quantum frustrated magnetism
    (Prof. R Moessner, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Cruces Chamorro, Víctor
    Improving interactions between ions and biomolecules in molecular simulations
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Dutta, Soumi
    Statistical learning in laser-matter interaction
    (Prof. U Saalmann, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Eidi, Mohammad Reza
    Modelling of attosecond phenomena in small atoms and molecules
    (Dr. A Landsman, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Firmbach, Markus
    Tunneling in 4D maps
    (Prof. A Bäcker/Prof. R Ketzmerick, TU Dresden)
  • Hollas, Daniel
    Modeling of light-induced processes: Development and application for reactions in solutions
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Hübner, Franziska
    Chaotic transport close to regular structures in 4D symplectic maps
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick, TU Dresden)
  • Krawczyk, Jakub
    Thermodynamic and transport properties of the Falicov-Kimball model within the DMFT formalism
    (Prof. R Lemanski, ILTSR Wroclaw)
  • Lin, Huang-Hsiang
    Computational studies of nanoscale quantum transport: electronic and vibrational properties of materials
    (Prof. G Cuniberti, TU Dresden)
  • Link, Valentin
    Open quantum systems dynamics
    (Prof. W Strunz, TU Dresden)
  • Liu, Tsai-Jung
    Electronic properties of metal-organic frameworks
    (Prof. T Heine, TU Dresden)
  • Loho Choudhury, Sreeja
    Temperature Effects on Molecular Spectra
    (Dr. F Großmann, TU Dresden)
  • Mantilla Serrano, Sebastián Felipe
    New platforms for quasiparticle fractionalization
    (Dr. I Sodemann, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Martinek, Tomáš
    Interaction of polyvalent ions with model proteins and membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Matsyshyn, Oles
    Strongly interacting phases of fermions
    (Dr. I Sodemann, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Matysiak, Jacek
    Theoretical analysis of magnetic and thermodynamic properties of molecular rings
    (Prof. R Lemanski, ILTSR Wroclaw)
  • Med, Jakub
    Chemical Simulations in Atmospheric Chemistry, Photochemistry and Synthesis
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Nagara Srinivasa Prasanna, Srivatsa
    Fractional Chern insulators
    (Dr. A Nielsen, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Nguyen, Man Hong Thi
    Simulation of cell-penetrating peptides and lipid membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Palivec, Vladimir
    The role of charged moieties in the structure and function of the glycocalyx: A simulation study
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Patucha, Konrad
    Gauge field effects in optical lattices
    (Dr. habil. T Zaleski, ILTSR Wroclaw)
  • Polotzek, Katja
    Mathematical and computational aspects of the dynamics of extreme events
    (Prof. H Kantz)
  • Qiao, Yulong
    Variational Gaussian apporach to many-body quantum dynamics
    (Prof. F Großmann, TU Dresden)
  • Rabe, Benjamin
    Application of machine learning to atomic and molecular physics problems
    (Prof. JM Rost, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Rao, Peng
    Strongly interacting phases of fermions
    (Dr. I Sodemann, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Raptakis, Antonios
    Atomistic Simulations of Molecular Self-Organization on Substrates: Electronic Structure and Charge Transport Efficiency
    (Prof. G Cuniberti, TU Dresden)
  • Rodriguez Mendez, Alvaro Gaspar
    Quantum Transport and Thermoelectric Efficiency in Low-Dimensional Systems
    (Prof. G Cuniberti, TU Dresden)
  • Schäfer, Robin
    Dynamical properties of frustrated quantum magnets
    (Dr. D Luitz, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Shukla, Udita
    Effects of Colour Superconductivity on Mass-Radius Relations of Hybrid Compact Stars
    (Prof. D Blaschke, University of Wroclaw)
  • Singhvi, Puja
    Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Surface-Mounted Metal-Organic Frameworks
    (Prof. T Heine, TU Dresden)
  • Srsen, Stepan
    Computational Molecular Design
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Stefanidis, Nikolaos
    Fractionalisation from band-topology beyond frustration
    (Dr. I Sodemann, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Stöber, Jonas
    Classical and quantum transport in systems with complex instability
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick/Prof. A Bäcker, TU Dresden)
  • Suchan, Jiri
    Machine learning in molecular photodynamics
    (Prof. P Slavicek, UCT Prague)
  • Szabó, András László
    Instabilities in semimetals with quadratic band touching
    (Prof. R Moessner, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Tempra, Carmelo
    Electronic continuum correction and its efficacy in describing protein force fields
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Tepaske, Maurits
    Computational studies of frustrated quantum magnets
    (Dr. D Luitz, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Tichacek, Ondrej
    Computational modelling of the inner ear
    (Prof. P Jungwirth, IOCB Prague)
  • Trapin, Daniele
    Quantum dynamics in correlated matter
    (Dr. M Heyl, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Villangottunjalil, Aswathi
    Tera-hertz microscopy and strongly correlated materials
    (Dr. A Charnukha, IFW Dresden)
  • Vlaho, Martina
    Far from equilibrium quantum gases
    (Dr. A Eckardt, TU Berlin)
  • Wagner, Matthias
    Approximation of partial barriers in Hamiltonian systems
    (Prof. A Voigt)
  • Wang, Botao
    Driven quantum systems of cold atoms

    (Dr. A Eckardt, TU Berlin)
  • Wastiaux, Aidan
    Topological phases of matter in hybrid nanostructures
    (Prof. R Moessner, MPI-PKS, Dresden)
  • Zhang, Ying-Ying
    Computational exploration of two-dimensional coordination polymers for potential utilization in catalysis, including electro- and photocatalysis
    (Prof. T Heine, TU Dresden)