Lectures: Summer Semester 2022

The 2022 summer semester runs from April 1st 2022 - September 9th 2022. Owing to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, several courses will take place wholly or partly online. Lectures will run from April 4th-June 3rd and then June 13th-July 16th.

The online platform used by TU Dresden is called Opal. If you do not already have an Opal account, you can register for one here. Once you have access you will be able to view the course materials for at least some of the courses listed here.


General lecture: Many-body Theory in Condensed Matter

lecturer: Jun. Prof. Hong-Hao Tu
time: Monday, Thursdays 14:50-16:20 starting April 4th
location: BZW A120

Many-particle quantum mechanics (second quantization, path integral methods and Green’s
functions), interacting bosons (symmetry breaking and phase transition), interacting fermions (Fermi
liquid, superconductivity, Hubbard model and strong correlations), physics in one dimension (Luttinger
liquid, Haldane conjecture and several important exactly solvable models), role of topology (integer and
fractional quantum Hall systems, topological phases and anyons)

General lecture: Theoretical Femtosecond Physics

lecturer: Prof. Frank Grossmann
time: Tuesdays 09:20-10:50; Thursdays 11:10-12:40
location: BZW A120 but to attend please sign up on Opal

-Time-dependent Schrödinger equation: analytical and numerical approaches -Field-matter coupling and two-level systems: Different gauges, Rabi oscillations, Landau-Zener transitions -Atoms in strong laser fields: Ionization and high harmonic generation -Molecules in strong laser fields: H2+ molecule, Born-Oppenheimer approximation, pump-probe, coherent control -sundry topics: quantum computing with molecules, HHG in solids

General lecture: Theoretical Biophysics

lecturer: Prof. F. Jülicher and Dr. M. Popovic
time: Lecture: Tuesdays 11:10-12:40; Tutorial: Thursdays 14:50-16:20
location: MPI PKS SR4 and Zoom (follow link above for Zoom links)

We will discuss the statistical physics of biological macromolecules and membranes. Starting from basic concepts of equilibrium statistical physics we will discuss conformational statistics and response to forces of polymeric macromolecules. These concepts will then be extended to surface configurations of fluid membranes which are governed by bending energies. The time dependence of molecular movements can be described as stochastic processes. We will discuss Langevin equations and Smoluchovsky equations to address the statistical physics of dynamic macromolecular processes. These concepts can be applied to to passive systems but also can be used to capture the physics of active processes such as the force generation by molecular motors.

General lecture: Nanostructured Materials

lecturer:Prof. G. Cuniberti
time:Tuesdays 09:20-10:50; Wednesdays 13:00-14:30 starting April 5th
location:TOE/317/H (Tuesdays) and MOL/213/H (Wednesdays)

 - scaling laws, mesoscopic systems, quantum effects - density of states and electron transport in low-dimensional systems - theoretical foundations of scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, chemical atomic force microscopy, and near-field scanning optical microscopy - nanostructuring via top-down and bottom-up techniques (electron beam lithography, optical lithography, scanning probe techniques, vapour-liquid-solid…) - nano/microelectronic devices and microelectromechanical system - microfluidics and colloids - lab classes

General lecture: Chaos and Quantum Chaos

lecturer:Prof. R. Ketzmerick
time:Mondays 13:00-14:30; Tuesdays 11:10-12:40
location:BZW A120 or online (TBD 29th March). Tuesdays of even weeks are tutorials.
content:Hamiltonian chaos: dynamical systems, KAM-theorem, origin of chaotic dynamics, transport in phase space. Quantum signatures of chaos: spectra, eigenstates, semiclassics, Gutzwiller trace formula, random matrix theory, experimental systems. Computer simulations will be used for visualization.

Special lecture: Charge and Excitation Transfer in Molecular Systems

lecturer:Dr. A. Eisfeld
time:Contact lecturer at eisfeld@pks.mpg.de

Special lecture: Molecular Nanostructures

lecturer:Prof. B. Büchner
time:Mondays 09:20-10:50
location:Probably IFW D2E.27
content:The lecture will address the following aspects of molecular nanostructures: - High resolution microscopy (TEM, STM ...) - Chemical bonds in molecular nanostructures - Synthesis and functionalisation of molecular nanostructures - Physical properties and applications of molecular nanostructures - Molecular magnetism - Transport properties of graphene.

Special lecture: Condensed Matter Research with Neutrons and X-rays

lecturer: Jochen Geck and Dmytro Inosov
time: Mondays 13:00-14:30.
location: TBA
content: This course provides an introduction to condensed matter research by means of modern x-ray and neutron experiments. The following topics will be covered: X-ray and neutron sources, interaction between radiation and matter, scattering and spectroscopy with x-ray and neutrons, applications in the field of novel electronic phenomena in complex quantum materials. Please register at the first lecture or by email to: dmytro.inosov@tu-dresden.de; jochen.geck@tu-dresden.de