Schools and Workshops

IMPRS Summer School 2021

Wednesday, September 1 - Friday, September 3, 2021
MPI-PKS, Dresden (in-person and via Zoom)


  • Non-Hermitian Topology: Fundamentals and Applications (Jan Budich, TU Dresden)
  • Some Novel Spectroscopic Methods in Condensed Matter (Claire Donnelly, University of Cambridge and MPI-CPfS Dresden)
  • Dynamics and Coulomb Interactions in Water and Hydrated Biomolecules (Thomas Elsaesser, Max Born Institute Berlin)
  • Topology and Transport in Magnetic Materials (Ingrid Mertig, University of Halle)
  • Quantum Computing on NISQ Devices and Applications in Many-Particle Physics (Adam Smith, University of Nottingham)
  • Topological Materials from a Modern Symmetry Perspective (Maia Vergniory, MPI-CPfS Dresden)


IMPRS Summer School 2022

The IMPRS Summer School 2022 will take place at Harnack House in Berlin from August 28-31, 2022.